In current development for an existing client…

Students can submit application materials directly and confidently via the same site they use for Ranking and Matching.


  1. Prepare core application materials: resume/CV, transcripts, essay question responses, etc. as required by the system. Upload all documents in PDF format.
  2. Request Letters of Recommendation through the platform by providing your recommender’s email address. They will be able to submit their letter directly into your application packet via the link they receive in their email, either in a web form or on their own electronic letterhead in an uploaded PDF.
  3. Upload one or more custom documents to meet the requirements of specific program applications.
  4. Prepare a separate cover letter for each application you submit, and submit up to the maximum number of applications.
  5. All sites to which you applied will automatically become available to put on your Rank Order List in the Rank & Match portion of the system.

Online Application Submission provides significant benefits and cost-savings to students, who save on application preparation time and postage.


  1. Programs can specify the unique materials they wish to receive from students in addition to the standard application packet.
  2. Students will upload all materials and submit them on the online platform, including letters of recommendation.
  3. Programs will receive for download and review all application materials from all students in one convenient location.
  4. All students who applied to your program will become available to rank in your Program’s Rank Order Lists.

The system allows Hiring Programs to painlessly collate all materials from all applicants with very low administrative overhead, saving significant time and energy for the hiring staff.