As a consortium, you want to streamline the matching process for all your applicants and all your sites, while keeping the program affordable for your members and students. Whether your consortium is just organizing and looking for partners to aid this process, or a well-oiled machine looking for more efficient components, PracticumFit and InternFit can run your match smoothly. We can integrate your match with our directory & application suites, or provide a compatible matching service with what you already have.

Our mission is to provide a simple-to-use, simple-to-adopt,  affordable service, at whatever level of integration is most convenient for you.

Here’s how we can help all of your stakeholders:

  • For consortia, we organize and optimize the application and match processes, minimize your administrative burdens, and let you focus on improving the size and quality of your programs.
  • For schools, we provide an effective dashboard to oversee students’ progress through the application and matching process.
  • For students, we provide a clean, functional interface, couples’ matching if requested, and a low registration fee.
  • For sites, we provide a similarly clean interface, with powerful tools under the hood to manage varied hiring needs and minimize unfilled slots.