As academic departments supervising graduate students, we understand you need simple, effective tools to oversee students’ applications to internships, residencies and practica.  Our school user dashboard allows you to grant students access to the match process, verify that they are keeping on top of application and match process deadlines, and where appropriate, approve tracks to which your students can apply.

Our calculated match process uses the Nobel Prize winning Gale-Shapley algorithm to simultaneously find the optimal match of students and sites, based on their relative rankings of each other.  This maximizes the number of matched students, and minimizes the time they spend weighing and waiting for offers, letting everyone focus on learning.

If your department or school is part of a consortium that is an existing customer, you can follow this link to log in, create an account, or find information specific to your match. Your consortium may also participate in our site profile & directory service or our application platform, in which case we will integrate appropriate profile and oversight features into your dashboard.

If we could be of service in solving an application or matching challenge within your university, please contact us and we will be happy to share our expertise.