Your internship, practicum, or residency will chart a crucial phase of your education, and we aim to make applying and matching to that opportunity as equitable, painless, and convenient (we won’t dare say stress-free) as it can possibly be.

Our simple user interface will allow you to select a shortlist of programs and tracks you are considering, submit them to your school for approval (if required), then drag and drop them to rank programs in your order of preference.  When match day arrives, the matching process fits you into your highest ranked program that prefers you to other candidates, and does that for everyone at once. Shortly afterwards, the results are posted to everyone simultaneously. There’s no need to quickly decide among multiple offers or wait to see if an opportunity you prefer falls to you.

This section of our website describes the general process of matching with PracticumFit and InternFit.  Different programs utilize different features and options in our service, and have additional information, so please visit your program-specific information here.