PracticumFit and InternFit greatly simplify your hiring process, finding your preferred candidates all at once, directly from your ranked lists.  There’s no need to make multiple rounds of offers, manage waiting lists, or hope those students don’t accept other offers while you wait.  Because the match is binding, matched candidates will be committed to your tracks.

Our matching process allows you set up and manage several tracks, choosing the number of positions and customizing contingency plans in case any positions are initially unfilled. Then you rank applicants for each track, dragging and dropping them in your preferred order, and reordering as needed until the match deadline.  Once the match is calculated, all participants will be informed of the results, and your interns, residents, and practicum students can get to work.

If you’re here as part of a consortium that is an existing customer, you can follow this link to log in, create an account,  or find information specific to your field’s match.  If your consortium participates in our site profile & directory service or application platform, you will find these features helpfully integrated with the match tools.